How To Jailbreak FireTV Device

Follow my step by step guide below to successfully jailbreak your Amazon FireTV Device. By doing so you will have access to a number of free movies, liveTV, sports channels and much more. 


CloudTech Support does not verify the legality or security of any applications or services covered on this Website. 

Users should always use a VPN with their free or low-cost streaming solutions to protect their identity and security. 

Your IP address and location are logged when using apps such as the ones provided in our APK Store unless you are using a VPN. 

IPVanish VPN will encrypt your connection to the Internet and mask your IP address so you remain anonymous while online.



Before you continue it is important for me to mention that the apps you will be able to download by following this method are not illegal to view but are frowned upon by your ISP’s. In some cases people who use these apps to watch Movies & LiveTV have received cease and desist letters urging them to stop streaming. In order to prevent this from happening to you, I suggest you use a VPN to hide your IP address. I use IPVanish to protect myself when streaming on any of my devices. 

The amazon fire devices are by far the best options for streaming. This jailbreak method can be done on any fireTV device. If you are having issues with buffering while streaming on your device I suggest purchasing the ethernet adapter for the fireTV devices combined with the methods to STOP BUFFERING ON KODI on our tutorials page.

Please see the video below. It is astep by step tutorial on how to install KODI on your fireTV device. This is only the beginning on your journey to cutting the cord and saving money on your monthly bills. 

CONGRATS! You have successfully installed KODI on your device. Now that you have this powerful tool we will have to install addons in order to get he full experience KODI has to offer. In the next video tutorial you will install the most powerful ADDON KODI has to offer, Exodus. Exodus allows you to watch thousands of movies and tv shows on demand. 

CONGRATS! Exodus is an addon that cant be matched. It is one of the most popular addons KODI has to offer and yet you are only scratching the surface. Again as previously stated, if you are having buffering issues while streaming we have a number of methods to help with that problem. 

1. Try one our 3 tutorials on how to stop KODI from buffering

2. The Ethernet Adapter purchased on Amazon




3 thoughts on “Jailbreak FireStick”

  1. Shannon Countryman

    Question. I did everything in your videos to stop buffering on my firestick. The one video I watched, i tried to do the same and increase my video cache size to 500 like you had set yours up on. I could only get mine as high as 61.. why so low? How can i increase mine?

    1. I was using my PC in that video which is why mine may have been that much higher than yours. If you are using the Amazon FireTV then there isnt much you can do about the ram. However, I have posted a number of buffering videos on how to boost the speed of your device on my YouTube channel and here on my website. This video is to help boost the device outside of kodi –> . and use this to help boost with a kodi addon –>

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